Halloween started out as a test bed for our Christmas display. It has, however, turned into a show all on it's own. We use Light O Rama lighting controls to do the magic, along with a little Macgyvering.

2012 house

2012 house This picture was taken In 2012 During setup, before everything was done.

Flying Crank Ghost Flying Crank Ghost This is the flying crank ghost on the porch..

Spider This is our pet spider. He doesn't like Trick or Treaters who don't wear costumes. He's 7' across and his web is 25' in diameter.

Ghost We had a special visitor who came dressed for the occasion! We enjoyed having Nana show up for Halloween night!

2007 Patch 2008 Patch We try to carve at least 10 real pumpkin Jack-O-Lanters every year some years more some less. In 2007 we carved 46, we got a whole pickup truck full for free. The following pictures is just a sample of what we've done.

Flaming Jack O Lantern Burnt Jack O Lantern Is that pumpkin pie I smell cooking?

Jack1 Jack2 Jack3 Jack4 Jack5 Jack6 Jack7 Jack8 Jack9 Jack10 Jack11 HangingJack1 HangingJack3