Label Light O rama is the secret of the computer controled magic. For 2006 we changed our display from wow to WOW. In May of 2006 (4) Light O Rama CTB 16 D kits were purchased. Each control board will fully fade and switch 16 channels. So with 4 control boards we had atotal of 64 channels. Assembly of the boards are very straightfoward. If you can solder and follow directions these kits are a snap. The first step is to thoroughly read the directions. Then complete the assembly step by step. It should probably take between 1 1/2 to 3 hours depending on your speed .

Pieces Parts The kits are well packaged and organized. With unmatched customer support. Each shipper even has a hand written thank you.

LOR Enclosure This is the final product. The enclosure is an industrial enclosure that is powder coated and is weatherproof. The legs are made from 1/2PVC pipe, female threaded adapters, and threaded plugs.These legs keep the enclosure insulated and up off the ground. The plugs in this view are the power cords that supply the controller with 120 VAC.

LOR Control box board The control board is bolted to the lid of the enclosure. Each channel is wired with 16 AWG MTW wire. each circuit has a hot and neutral. Red wires were used for hot and white for neutral. Green wires from the supply cords carry the ground to all the recepticals and the control board.

LOR Control box bottom The plugs are standard plugs. they are mounted in 4X4 box covers and mounted in to the bottom of the enclosure. All the routing to the recepticals is numbered for easy debugging. Short cat5e cables are run from the weatherproof connectors to the in and the out comms of the control board.

LOR Control box bottom This is the bottom view of the enclosure as you can see there are 16 recepticals, 2 power cords, and 2 weatherproof RJ45 connectors. Each of the duplex recepticles has been isolated by removing the jumper tabs. Then each one is wired to a seperate circuit on the LOR control board. There are two RJ45 connectors, one for in from the computer or another controller and the other is out to go to the next controller.